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God love us or not this confuse me so much .

My question was if God love us why we need to seek him and why he put us in trouble?

From today’s incident I found my answer. Today I had so much pain in my heart. When I felt that this pain is increasing and increasing that time I thought maybe I am going to die and I I said to God I really don’t know God you love me or not you will say me or not it’s your choice because I’m done with my life. I don’t care about i live or not.

My pain was increasing and I thought if god loves me then he should end this pain.

Second thought came in my mind many times he saved me . I said God show me your love. But my pain was increasing and increasing. You know why because I was not seeking him not calling him wholeheartedly I was testing him. There was no need to test him. But I did it and my pain was increasing and increasing.

Later I thought that I want to live and I call him with my whole heart that save me please save me. Now my heart pain was decreasing decreasing

Today I found a relevant answer. I think if we will focus on them then we can find that what is faith?

1 God has never said that on Earth you will not face any problem or sorrow. But he promised us that in storm and every trouble he will be with us.

2 if we are facing storm GOD come very close us that time we should call god ,we should seek him ,we should pray because that time when we call and GOD help us and that time our relationship get stronger and stronger. Whenever clouds of suspicion and false belief hover over and when we remember that god has helped us many time he saved us many time and he will save us this time our faith gets stronger . That is why God always say that whenever you are in trouble when you are facing any storm I am very close to you but you have to call me you have to pray .

3 but sometime we don’t know what is problem behind us what can happen with us. That time god save us it shows his love because he knew that a big storm is coming toward you that is exactly behind you but you don’t know about your storm but he knows about it and he savee you even you don’t know about it. It is called his love because he cares about you. It shows his care love unconditional love.

Whenever your faith waver call him trust him. And remember how many times he had helped you because in sorrow we feel that God is not with us, God is not understanding us and sometimes , we think God exists or not. It happens many time with me I was just finding answer of this question but today from my pain I found answer.

When you are facing a storm speak to him prey say that you need him and he will help you.

It make our connection of a relationship stronger and stronger.

But when we don’t know what is problem what is behind are what kind of storm cyclon tsunami behind us he help us he Saves because he knew that you don’t know about the storm but he knows. It is his unconditional love.

Hold his hand , trust him , seek him , love him, live for him . He just want goodness love from you for animals and human.


Published by THERSHARMA

She is 22 years old and write about her experiences . she writes quotes, short stories and painting is her favorite thing . . She believes that writing is like a weapon , it connects us and make us feel like no we are not alone . like other great people we can rise and shine. it connects us.

10 thoughts on “GOD’S LOVE

  1. Dear Diamond………. God is always near us even when we do not feel His presence,for this is what faith is to believe in that which we do not see,yet by faith know He is there! Hebrews 11 tells us of so many others who have gone before us and walked in faith. We find Him when we seek with our whole heart (Jeremiah 29:11-13).God Bless and keep you.

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    1. Yes but sometimes I afraid my faith waver . My past love trauma first man I love he was not good he cheated me it gives me bad vibes so I doubt on my God . I think that will he give me a man who can love me unconditionally .


      1. Dear Diamond…… We all fear at one time or another it is our human nature. I am sorry for the bad relationship you had,just remember God was right there as you endured such a trying time. If you see it as a time for learning that although he cheated on you not all men are like that and this was a stepping stone to another relationship that will be a healthy and loving one. Loss is never easy whether it is the death of a relationship or of a loved one the pain in our heart hurts just the same!
        Stay strong in the Lord and He will not fail you as people can disappoint and let you down. When the time is right there will be another who does love and care for you. Don’t sit in doubt of God for He can do the impossible through the faith we keep in Him.
        We have an enemy of our soul (satan) who’s only job is to have us to sit and worry about our problems,and will destroy us if we let him.(John 10:10) Keep your hope in the one who can do the miraculous and the mountains in your life will be moved. Stay strong and be Blessed.


  2. Hi Diamond,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and following along. I’ve ticked the box below that will notify me when you make a new post. Hoping we can encourage each other in our faith.
    I enjoyed reading through your post on God’s love. Even His name (Emmanuel) is special because it means “God with us” (Matthew 1:23, King James Bible)
    Psalm 23:4, King James Bible:
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;
    thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
    May the Lord Jesus be with you and bless you always.


  3. Diamond – you left comments on my blog: Learning from God’s Word. You asked the question – What is faith? As a response to your question – I wrote a new post in which I tried to give an answer to your question. At the post where you left your comments – I have added a link to this new post. I hope you read this post. I hope you will be helped by reading it. God bless you.


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