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Dont lose hope in grief.

Grief comes in everyone’s life, but still people live, they do not lose hope and courage to live. Do you know why  because  they know There is a light beyond the darkness, Happiness is beyond suffering . When someone is surrounded by the ocean of sorrows, He feels that darkness has been covered in his life. But this does not actually happen.  Sometimes we lose people who are very close to our heart, We hurt and cry for them , They always see us when we cry,  They love us, they can’t us see us in pain , seeing us sad, Do you think they will be able to live in peace in the haven? No. Don’t cry and Do not give up hope of living life.. If you have given up in this misery, Stand up don’t give up. You are a Strong warrior.

Published by THERSHARMA

She is 22 years old and write about her experiences . she writes quotes, short stories and painting is her favorite thing . . She believes that writing is like a weapon , it connects us and make us feel like no we are not alone . like other great people we can rise and shine. it connects us.

6 thoughts on “Dont lose hope in grief.

  1. We all have to be warrior’s in our life, that is the only way to be strong enough to fight thru the pain. I used to use the nickname Warrior when I first started blogging in 2005. My granny had just died and my depression was getting worse. I used that name for many years until I started going by Mel then went to my full name Melinda. Just a tid bit.


    1. I am that you are happy now. You have Caring husband and your children . God bless you all .
      Sometimes it becomes so much hard to fight alone when you see you have nobody who can wipe your teers. SOMETIMES it becomes so much hard to make dicision for me. But let it go. Do you have Instagram account ?

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      1. I don’t do Insta. One thing I learned is how to be a waarior long before my husband. It’s probablt the reason why our marraige has worked. I am my own person and have my own things I lke to do, he has his. We have seprate lives from just each other. That makes a difference to me. I don’t want to depend on anyone. You’ll make it thru no doubt.


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