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We all want to control our monkey mind . We want happiness and wanna live in present moment but this head noise disturbing us mentally .

Actually here are five hinderances. If we conquer this everything will be in our control.

. If you are not successful or calm or happy because of  these five hindrances.

I am gonna explain it by this beautiful inspirational story.

Once upon a time , A woman was very beautiful active, intelligent and wise. Her name Was Me Arpna. 

SHe heard from an old lady in her village that the mountain named Mainaak is very beautiful , Whoever goes there gets great amenities and all kinds of rare gems.  She said that I will also go there and later on I will take my family also and live happily.

Old lady said— No my child , the path is very difficult and you can’t go.

Me Arpana— Why , I am young and wise. I can go.

Old lady —  It is called ecstasy. Not everyone can reach there, Trillions people wanted to go there,Lost all the way Half a . million  People lost halfway. Some people came back, some people got entangled in the Puzels and died there 

Me Arpna —- I will go with my 6 friends  .

She went with her 6 friends. When she reached the forest,

Gibberly said that this forest is magical  Different types of trials have to be given here.

Marry   —— Rare items are not easily found and that is why they are called rare items.

Indonesian said — oaky , we have both . Hahahaha .

Mehtangi —— yes ,   But for this we do not need external power  Or much physical power  You must have inner power  This is the magic. — Promise we’ll all live together and reach the Mainaak mountain  We will not leave each other and fight every difficulty .

  Everyone said yes and went inside the forest. There they found an old tree. He said that I know that you want to go to Mount Manak, so I will teach you one.Thing You will get many distractions on the way But Don’t forget your goal .

Girls said thank you dear old tree.

They got hungry while walking,They were very tired, Disha beautiful restaurant.  The restaurant was very beautiful .  There was every comfort It was like a dream. Delicious food and its beauty captivated everyone They got what they asked for .

Rainista—–is this the rare mountain?

Pheona said — no. That is far away .

Everyone saw very beautiful scenes,

Rainista saw the beautiful castle, she said I do not want to go from here.

Rainista said~~~  I don’t want to leave .

Pheona said — no lets go. It is a distraction.

Rainista heard sweet music in the same restaurant Hearing the music, she said this is relaxing . I don’t want to go ahead . There is nothing better than this.

Pheona said — no lets go .this all is distraction.

Rainista saw Beautyfull pond She went inside that lotus filled pond

Rainista said _——– Do you all think that there can be something more beautiful than this. It is even more pleasant than MainaaK mountain. , you all go please. I got what I wanted .

Everyone explained to her but  she did not listen, everyone left her and went ahead. 

This is our first hindrance.

It’s called SENSUAl DESIRES.

EAR , NOSE , TONGUE , SKIN AND EYES ARE OUR FIVE SENSES . We are like Rainista we get distracted by our sensual desires. Rainista didn’t had control on her five senses that’s why she got distract and couldn’t move forward this same happens with us many times.

So First we need to control our Sensual desires.


The way ahead was very bad. There was mud all over the place. suddenly rain starts.

Mehtangi said — o God , if this will continue I will give up . I don’t like bumpy roads, lightning , storm , mud , darkness scary wind and this path is full of troubles . There is nothing that I can like or love. Rainista was right . I wanted to live with her. I am stupid I choose the path of troubles and pain.

she was crying.

Me Arpna said— listen dear Mehtangi I know this path is not Beautyfull it is the place we are getting what we do not like, but if we have to go to Mount Mainaak then we will have to bear it all. Such small miseries come before happiness.

Mehtangi said — You are right. I will walk. I will not give up.

Next they saw , many people were staring them , there were scary mountains. Lightning was blazing. There was a huge river ahead. They all face more difficulties than before.

Mehtangi said — in order to cross the river I don’t know how to swim. Mehtangi was crying and she sad look what is happening. This is a sign that we should not walk ahead . People are staring us lightning was blazing , we don’t have deleceous food. It is not a pleasant and beautyfull journey I can’t tolerate this and I can’t go because it is hurting me. I don’t want this pain.

Peheona said— yes my dear, you are right this path is full of difficulties and trouble. Don’t give up we are all are facing this. Yes this journey is painful but beyond this journey there is ecstasy. These all are trials and cost for that ecstasy. Don’t give up.

Mehtangi said no, I give up. I can’t go forward.

This is our second hinderance it is called Ill will. We all are like Mehtangi. We don’t like bumpy roads, we don’t like sorrow, pain and rain. We don’t feel good when we don’t get what we like. We don’t like this and that. And we give up because of our ill will.

Remember– What ever it is you dislike would not make a pleasant journey. In order to move forward in order to be successful you have to do things that you don’t like. It is what it is. If you want a beautiful life and you want to do something great you have to face trials . So

let go this ill will.


All the girls started moving forward. Everyone was tired of walking. They all faced difficulties with ease .

There was snow everywhere.And there was also a river in the middle, they had to cross that river.

Indonesian— oh my goodness. I am so much tired. My body is heavy and now my mind is dull. I can’t think straight. .

Pheona— No, dear we all are tired . We all are facing the same now best is that we are very near to our aim.

Indonesian—– I wanna take rest I can’t go further. I am tired completely. I am feeling like I can’t move . I am done.

Me Arpna — Indonesian if you want to take rest you can take but don’t give up. After sometime we will again walk and we are very close to our destiny.

Indonesian — No , I don’t have that much stamina. You go , I will go back . I can’t walk I did enough I am happy for this journey and this time I am exhausted.

This is third hindrance it is called dullness heaviness. Heaviness of body and doulness in mind. It is common. Many times We can’t think straight and we feels like we can’t move. It is a reality that we are going to get down ourselves time to time but we must eventually get ourselves out .

Don’t give up take rest. when you feel burned out. Learn to rest not quit.

Indonasian went back she knew that she she is very close to her destiny but she gave up . She didn’t think twice or thrice.She just made her decision and went back. She just thought about her pain exhaustion but she didn’t think about ecstasy reward which she can achieve if she didn’t give up.

Forth hindrance is restlessness.

Pheona was very wise. While she was walking with her friends she was just thinking about Rainista , Mehtangi and Indonesian. Thoughts were coming from her mind to give up. She was very confused.

Pheona — hey girls , those three are not with us we are facing this shit here , and those three are in their happy places . May be they are happier and are in better places than us. Can’t we go back . My mind is kept saying there is no Rare mountain we should go back .

Marry — no Pheona , they gave up and yes now this time we are facing more problems and difficulties. Maybe those three are happier and in beautiful place then us. But for how long? There are Difficulties right now but later on we will enjoy more than them. They gave up just for a little pleasure.

Such is the beginning of greatness and great pleasures, Initially one has to suffer a lot but in the end it is very pleasant.

Pheona — okay। I understood. let’s go.

A lot of negative thoughts started coming to pheona’s mind. She had an endless chatter in her mind. SHe could not understand whether she listened to her mind or not. . But she was not able to understand that how to stop the thoughts that are raging in her mind. She tried to avoid the thoughts of her mind a lot, but later her mind was saying that she should not go further, Maybe the way is very bad, Even if she goes, she has everything, Had it been a rare mountain, it would have been visible. It’s probably a misconception Going forward, whether she will be able to stay alive or not Etc. she got very involved in them. And she felt that she really should not go further from here.

Later Pheona said — I am so sorry but I don’t think that there is a rare mountain named Mainaak . We all are waisting our time . My mind is saying we should go back .

Marri explained her a lot and also gave evidence of the truth of Mount Manak.But pheona said that that she is going back and she went.

This fourth hindrance is our monkey mind.our mind is a house of endless chatter many thoughts comes in our mind and we get confuse. In order to cease the endless chatter of our mind you need to settle your mind on the present moment.

Our fifth hindrance is sceptical doubt….

Sceptical doubts and restlessness of mind is different things. Both of these originate from mind but are different different.

Now Marri and Arpana were left only. On the way ahead they met to a girl.

Marry —- Hey who are you ? What are you doing here ? Did you go to Manak Mountain? What did you find there?

Girl said —

Girl said — are you talking to me ?

Marry— yes I am talking to you. Give me answer of my question s.

Girl—- I have never been there It is very difficult to get there but it is not even impossible. My grandfather had gone there. He told me that to reach there, many preparations have to be made.Are you both going thereThe

Marry— Yes.

Girl—- From here both of you must go ahead alone. Only one of you will get that treasure. Manak mountain is a short distance away.

Marry — Dear Me Arpna I don’t know who will get that treasure .of ecstasy . But I wish you best of luck. Now both of us will go on different routes. Take care .

Me Arpana— this is scluded cave . We have two choose different ways now . Best of luck My dear Marry.

Marry choose left cave and Me Arpna choose Right cave.

Journey of Marry ::::: Marri got tired of walking. She saw a beautiful girl inside the cave. She was so beautiful Her body was glowing She looked like a nymph. Nymph had a baby lion in her hands.

Nimph saw her. Nymph —- who are you girl? What are you doing here This place is not for you . This is my cave. How dare you get here .

Marri– I want to go to Mainaak mountain .Would you like to help me?

Nymph— I can not help you Only you can help yourself To get something in life, you have to fight alone. Yes, someone can help you, Someone can suggest you, someone can stand with you, But you have to fight yourself. . I’ll just tell you that all you have to do is win from your inner battle .Then God will help you in the difficulties outside.

Do not keep any kind of apprehension inside you only then You will reach your destination .

Marri– ok

Marri reached a place where there was darkness. She went on continuously for two days . She sat in one place..She was thinking about her friends SHe thought everyone left her alone. My every friend gave up half way. What if i gave up too ?Am i ready for the difficulties ahead?

Marri was doubting her own abilities.She didn’t like her loneliness . She was still walking. Thus, walking in that dark dense forest, she saw a house . It was very old house. She decided that she would rest here for a while

Marri constantly wondered if she would be able to get out of this forest.I thought if I would reach Manak mountain in Marri., Am I so capable,Can i get to that treasure .

Marri started walking again. While walking, she saw that she was coming out of that forest. She sees light ahead.

Then she followed the light and reached on a bridge . There a crow gave her red rose and said Beautyfull Beautyfull angel why are you walking so alone. It seems that you are a stranger but why are you looking in anger? .

She said — I am looking for the light but where is Mainaak mountain .

Crow said— beautyfull Angel .

It is Just some distance away.

Marry – thank you .

Marri started walking forward. He later found a beautiful girl. Marri thought she had found a partner .

Mrri—- who are you ? Are you also want to go Mainaak mountain .

Woman said — No my child . I m a Goddess of directions. Dear marry I saw your abilities and I am happy . Dear child I felt so bad when you was trying to give up. No my child never think to giving up. You are a warrier . Don’t doubt on yourself. My child I made you in my image .you are a strong and my Beautyfull child. My beloved scaptical doubts come but they can’t make you slave untill you start to listen and believe in them. Scaptical doubts are devil’s illusion trust and have faith in god’s word and on your abilities . Ask for wisdom and light . Don’t try to handle alone.

Maari— Mother , I felt so lonely . I was in fear and Dear mother I thought that I will die in that condition. Dear I want to go On Mainaak mountain. Give me directions .

Goddess of directions—- here is the way go my child here you I’ll understand everything . In actual this mountain Mainaak is not only treasure of gems but it is also a treasure of wisdom and lessons. On the way you learnt so many life lessons never forget them .once you will forget them you will again fall in trouble s. Here you will find something that is beyond any treasure. My blessings are with you my dear daughter. It is the end of this darkness and biggining of the light. I give you bright and beautiful dress . Now you are in light. And she disappeared.

Ooh thanks mother and she reached in a beautiful place. That was very beautiful.

Marri — Wow this place is a real heaven . Oh my lord my journey was worth it . Now my all pain has been ended. These all animals are Beautyfull .

It is the end of her journey it is happy ending. So question is —- what you learn from her journey . I am not gonna explain this hinderance because I have already explained it. ………….

So I told you about all five hindrances. We all face these five hindrances in our life. If you want to conquer these 5 hinderances you have to control your mind not by forcing this but with meditation or control on your desires. If you are happy come inside then outside noise not gonna affect you. But if you have noise inside then outside peace not gonna make you happy. Your happiness peace victories are within you . You don’t have that much problem outside but you have so much problems inside. Live for yourself means you are making your inner environment peaceful and happy. Live for yourself means you don’t like or want those stupid negative thoughts which are gonna make you mentally. Your mental health is important. Mental health means your mind is in your control you are not in control of your emotions are mind. You know what kind of food need your mind or brain. Mind food if positive thoughts and brain food is intelligent thoughts. Know your worth and values nobody is gonna come to to make us happy and victo

Published by THERSHARMA

She is 22 years old and write about her experiences . she writes quotes, short stories and painting is her favorite thing . . She believes that writing is like a weapon , it connects us and make us feel like no we are not alone . like other great people we can rise and shine. it connects us.

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