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You are in pain depression because you are surviving you are not living. You are just adjusting yourself according to your situations because your uncontrolledmind and uncontrolled emotions are saying that you will find happiness here and there. There is a huge lack of self discipline and self love. Always remember selflove always comes from self discipline and Self discipline comes from your wisdom

There are so many causes but the main cause was lack of wisdom. If you are wise then you know how to live. Live means live not survive.

Some people are finding job and some have already. Some wants money more to live luxurious lifestyle. But some have already.

But not everyone is happy in their life do you know why? Because they are chasing people things etc. They are finding happiness in other things but they don’t know that the source of the happiness is inside them.

You know there are so many rich people but sometimes you read in newspaper that a good actress or a good actor or a businessman/business woman lawyer or doctor committed suicide.

They Did hard work to achieve their aim but some of them commit suicide and some of them become mental patient and some of them become unhappy in their life. They are not happy that’s why they are doing this

. And some fool like us think that they will find happiness when they will achieve their aim ,when they will achieve everything they want. If happiness in other things then why those people commit suicide those have everything they need.

So I hope you find that happiness is not in other things that is inside you. Yes relationship can be a source of happiness. Because that is most important thing in this world except you and your relationships.

Do you know what is the main cause of your sorrow and pain?

That is you your mind Your biggest enemy your uncontrolled mind. The main cause of your pain and sorrow is your mind and lack of wisdom.

A wise man always know how to live what is the life. Mind is In their control. your mind is saying do this you will find happiness do that you will find happiness this you will find happiness but at last you find that yes you are happy but you are not satisfied.

This is not enough you want more and more.

Your mind is not teaching you how to live your mind is teaching you how to survive.

Do you know the difference between live and survive.


Today you are in pain you want to get rid of this pain but you cant. You are saying you hate pain you hate worry you don’t want this life but you still doing old habits , old things those are making you worry those are putting you in pain. Because your mind is just thinking that you will find peace here you will find happiness there and you are listening commands and doing everything that your mind is saying. You are not taking action you are adjusting yourself here and there. A

A wise man knows if he is in worry or pain he is not feeling good where can he find peace. He Doesn’t lock himself in a room he doesn’t think about that shit he doesn’t do anything that gives him pain that gives him worry and stress. His mind is in his control. Emotions are in his control.

He knows his self worth value of his beautiful life. He knows one thing cannot destroy you.

Wise man Goes outside and spend time with himself and with nature. He doesn’t think what is wrong with him just sit outside and feels beautiful air and nature

But a fool person does opposite of this. If he will be sitting In heaven he will still think about his worry about his problems you will never find any solution and happiness.

This is called Survival series this thing you will find happiness here you will find peace here but you are not taking any action you are just adjusting yourself according to situations and you are saying you are happy you are happy but you are not happy your mind is not in your control your mind is your enemy. You are living with an enemy . Then tell me how an enemy can show you right path?

You can have 100 friends but inside of you , you have uncontrolled mind then that one enemy is enough to destroy you. Make your mind your friend. Control your emotions. Be wise.


You are living present moment and you are happy. You are sitting alone in a park and many people are with their friends love ones but you are alone but you are still happy because you know you are enough. You don’t care who is judging you, you are doing everything that is making you happy and you are ignoring that every shit that is giving you negative Vibes or hurting you. You are giving 100% in your every task happily. Because you know maybe today is your best day tomorrow may not. If you are not happy with something then you are finding solutions. If you are leaving you know no you have to leave a present moment a present moment is always beautiful and good then past and future. Your mind is in your control. If something is going wrong with you , you are not thinking about that shit you are just thinking about yourself because you know your life matters you matter your family members matter your relationships matter.

You are not pleasing , chasing, expecting.

Live today live your present moment, laugh today Love Today, you don’t know you will see tomorrow or not. If today you are happy live this moment tomorrow can be worse.

If today you are in pain don’t live in pain , guilt. Control your emotions and mind. Find happiness , solutions , don’t think you are in a wrong place make this place happy . Whatever you are doing wherever you are going enjoy every moment because you don’t know tomorrow you will see tomorrow or not.

Published by THERSHARMA

She is 22 years old and write about her experiences . she writes quotes, short stories and painting is her favorite thing . . She believes that writing is like a weapon , it connects us and make us feel like no we are not alone . like other great people we can rise and shine. it connects us.

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