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What To Do If People Betray Us Again And Again

In our  life we sometime choose to stay with wrong people and later they put us  in trouble ,they hurt us , try to ruin us  and they abandon us.

I found that nobody has power to mistreat me and you , if anybody has mistreated us ,  it was because of our behavior . We gave them permission to do that.

I am going to explain you  with story  and I am sure after reading this you will understand where you are doing mistakes and why people are betraying you . 

Here is a true story about a girl named Indiana who was abandoned by many people untill she did shadow work and promised to herself that she will not repeat it again.

Indiana had a friend named Stary . She helped her so many times but her friend always refused to help her. It continued . She cried a lot because of her. The voice of her heart always used to say that Stary is a  cheap mean and a bad girl , her intentions are not good , she will put her in trouble but Indiana ignored whatever her heart was saying.  STARY WAS JEALOUS of her because Indiana was everyone’s favorite girl so  Stary started spreading false false rumors about her. It continued later Stary putted her in a huge trouble. Stary said so much wrong about her and some people believed. Indiana was aware of that but she noticed her some friends are disgracing her.    . Indiana thought it was her behaviour  which is hurting her but no that was Stary ,  who was hurting her .

One day when Indiana new all about that she asked  to herself why I gave her permission to hurt  me ? But by then it was too late ?

Answer : Indiana took  Stary lightly.  She was helping her unconsciously. That’s why she didn’t notice  that Stary is not loyal for her . Indian didn’t think and care  about herself ,  she didn’t follow her intuitions, she didn’t   think about its consequences . She forgot her values.

Always Remember:.                                If we choose good company we gain and grow , if we choose bad company , we invite our own destruction .

Lessons swe should learn from here

We need good friends . If they are not loyal for us  we  don’t need them. We will not allow them in our beautiful life  to ruin our happy life . We will allways ignore them.

2 ) when She was 10 years old  her childhood friend named Pink and her mother  was unexpected . Pink was her relative also and that’s why Indiana had so much love for her. Whenever they  fight  that mean girl Pink  used to put all the blame on her. Although it was her fault And she used to say bad things about Indiana even to the people. Pink’s mother  used to doubled everything no matter what. They spread many rumors about Indiana and her villagers believed because Indiana never told her story.  She saw Pink’s many shades . Sometime Pink  behaved very kind , helpful and innocent girl but Pink  was a lier , cheater , dishonest and Freddy fellow .Indiana forgave her everytime .  It continued for 7 years because Indiana had so much love and care for her. Pink  and her mother started to ruin her reputation because she was very popular , brilliant , kind and helpful  girl. She was monitor of her class also but Pink can’t be like her that’s why Pink was doing that. . It started When she was in 8th standard Pink and her mom used to criticize her . One of Her relative was saying mean things about her to her teachers. He used to say this girl is 13 years old but she quarrel with her Granny . Pink and her mother used to give teachers bribe so  that she can  get highest marks in school.  Her classmates used to hate Pink so they never supported her but there were 3 teachers  who supported her. They used to give Pink extra marks for nothing . Pink’s mother tried to instigate the teachers against Indiana.  It happened again and again . Indiana ‘s teachers started to mistreat her . Indiana used to take participate in every competition . She was most popular and brilliant junior in her school. Everytime she try to participate in compitions her female teacher removed her name. Later Indiana lost interest in study and other activities she thought she is not good enough.and she became a victim of depression . Indiana lost her charm.

One day Indiana thought enough is enough why is Pink doing this to me ? Why I should be with her? why I should forgive her blunders ? Don’t  have I any right to be myself ?

Answer : She had love  and care  for a wrong  person or relative. She saw Pink is a selfish , mean , cheap , ungrateful and greedy . When she needed Indiana , she started to behave like an innocent , Caring , loving and honest person , but when her work was done, she changed completely. Indiana  ignored Pink’s this ugly behaviour.  You know why because She didn’t know her position, worth  and value, talent .   She didn’t respect , love , care herself.

Always Remember : The purpose of some people is to ruin the lives of others. In such a situation, we should get such people out of our life in time so that we can live a good life. It is our responsibility.

Lessons we should learn from here  :

Relative mean who is gonna help Us in our ups and downs no matter we have money or not . We are beautiful souls . We love people  unconditionally. We don’t need relatives who are greedy , fake and selfish and nobody wants them to have.  We deserve good hearted people.

3 ) When she was  16 years old  she was suffering from deep depression.  She was in 10th standard. She became unconfident after her old school incident . Suddenly she became the slave of people and her mind. Because of her low confidence  she became overthinker and numb. She used to sleep all day because she was suffering from so many things . She doesn’t used to go school daily when she started to go daily she was used to scare people’s opinions what would they say ? There was a cheap woman she  used to say wow Indiana you came today will you come tomorrow ? like this she didn’t do the things that she used to love. She used to scare by people’s opinions.  She used to think of people that what  would people say  before doing every good deed . Whether it is to go to school or to wear clothes or to go somewhere. Many People took her advantage. Even if someone praised her, she would consider it negative. She also found evil in her good . She never received affection from people. She lost her value and she decided to hate herself. She thought Staying completely closed in 1 room, sleeping, crying all day  this is life . .There was nobody who can tell her that she shouldn’t live like this. It continued for 3 years.

After a few years, when Indiana recovered completely, she told herself that I had wasted my golden time (teenage) because of some people and my fickle mind. Why I did that life is too short .

Answer : : : : Many times we do not do some work consciously nor do we consider ourselves important. Like Indiana did. Yes life is too short, We don’t know anything about how many days we are here. We don’t know how the situation will be, how the people will be. The biggest mistake of Indiana was that she gave importance to the opinions of the people. She didn’t see how much impact it would have on her life. Her worst enemy was her own mind . If her mind was not so negative, then perhaps people’s opinion would not matter to her. If our enemy is hidden within us, then no matter how weak the enemies outside, they harm us.Hmm it is true that she went into depression due to people but the negative retard of Indiana ruined her life the most . It is the same with us, our mind has become our own enemy because we do not know it’s control.

Always Remember : He who has conquered the mind has conquered the world Because it is easy to fight with an external enemy, but if the enemy is hiding inside, no one can save you from your apocalypse .

Lessons we should learn from here :

What people say , think , believe about us it is not our headache if will try to make them happy we will go crazy . They are performing their personality and we are performing our personality. This is our life we are living this. Only We know about our pain and circumstances. They don’t nothing that how much storms we are facing. We just have to take care that whatever we do, see and say, it should not be against the good. We can’t make all people happy . even Jesus died for us but in this world there are so many people don’t care about his sacrifice.People find mistakes in God too. When we become slaves of our mind, we start moving towards our own destruction. It is important that we know to keep our mind under control .

4) 3 years later when Indiana went to Bali then she realized world has changed. She saw people became more cruel but She saw there is so much to live.  She enjoyed it and she travelled alot  and then her life changed completely. She bacame confident and she learnt how to stay away from bad people.  She learnt so many life lessons and values . She learnt that everyone has different opinion but everyone has Right to live and express themselves without any hesitation . It is their birth right  It was new beautiful beginning for her. She bacame a different person . She became self lover.  Nature is a healer. If many people became their  best version because  they  changed their old environment . When we live alone for some time , when we go to new places and enjoy nature Nature heals us itself. We are surrounded by  some toxic people they produce their toxins and we become Ill and we suffer , you know what I mean.  We need me time.

Later Indiana thought Why I was living  in hell? Life is beautiful. Why I gave permission  people to hurt me. Why I didn’t know that I can live happily like this? Why I was suffering ? Why did I lock myself in 1 room? Why I didn’t spend time with nature ? Why I wasted my 4 years ?

Answer ::When Indiana was suffering she locked herself in a room She completely broke contact with nature that’s why her depression was increasing.  She didn’t see life outside from her room. She was surrounded by room walls, toxic people , negative mind . She spent time with her ill will she didn’t spend time with her. Sometimes we have to make our own way for our own happiness. If depressed people has changed or became their new version because they changed their  toxic environment.  People who spend time with nature also change themselves and grow  very quickly.

Always Remember :.                             Nature is very kind because she is our mother . When we spend time with nature , nature heals us itself.

Lessons we should learn from here :

  We have the right to live a happy life and it is our responsibility . At the end of the day It will not matter what and why we have taken wrong steps because of our circumstances and people. Rather it will matter how conscious and happy we lived life . And God will ask us how many good deeds we have done even in those bad times  .  We need me time. We need to spend time with nature so it can heal our old wounds. We don’t have to stay broken . We have to make  happy life and it is our responsibility.

Published by THERSHARMA

She is 22 years old and write about her experiences . she writes quotes, short stories and painting is her favorite thing . . She believes that writing is like a weapon , it connects us and make us feel like no we are not alone . like other great people we can rise and shine. it connects us.

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