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If You Want To Gain Knowledge You Have To Be More Humble

Knowledge means Awareness.

Whatever is on this earth, everything can be achieved only through knowledge.True knowledge is not what you only know True knowledge is that which you implement in your life. Knowledge will come to you only when you have good will and urge to gain it.

Someone will be able to give you knowledge only if you have respect and gratitude for him. You have to be more polite , humble and kind .

When you really have such qualities which a teacher/mentor looks for in his disciple, then GOD also becomes your teacher/mentor . When GOD gives you knowledge, He puts you in many trials and then what you learn cannot be compared. You get knowledge not only from outside but also inside.

Yes, for this you have to read books too, but what kind of book you want to read, may GOD deliver that book to you. What information is needed in your life, it will reach you on its own, but you have to learn. Inner knowledge is more important than outer knowledge. Religious books will give you Inner knowledge . They will teach you mercy , love , freedom , devotion , value etc. Ask GOD to be your teacher and mentor. First know that how to live in this world . How can you handle your emotions. Know what you need to do.

Knowledge teaches you how to live. It makes you egoless. You come to know that there is nothing in this world that can be proud of.Pride means that you want to ruin yourself , You want to ruin every precious thing that GOD has given you. . When you gain knowledge you become devoid of hate, jealous ,anger , lust and Violence . It frees you from bad things . Then you don’t care who is happier than you and who is less richer than you . You don’t care if someone is earning more than you . You become good and a mature person soul. Then You have competition with yourself and not with anyone else. You become a happy soul.Whatever you do you get happiness.You find happiness in the happiness of others .

Knowledge makes you caring and responsible human being , you become animal lover also. While knowledge teaches you to love all animals, your intellect also teaches you which animal you have to approach and stay away from.If you can’t protect something then you don’t have any right to ruin anything them . When you become blessing to others then you receive blessings. Knowledge gives you wisdom.

Knowledge is goodness. In this world there are so many people who try to distract us from the path of goodness. So many books , people and blogs are filled with hate and distruction and show us wrong path like that snake who told Eve to eat that apple so GOD could punish her . Sometime we do the same mistake . That’s why some of us lack awareness and choose wrong path without knowing their consiquenses.

GOD exiled Adam And Eve from heaven when they didn’t obey GOD words but GOD is not merciless GOD loved them even after their huge mistake. GOD took good care of them even after that and helped them. GOD is GOD but there are some things that if misused once, then they destroy everything eg nucleir weapons , pandemics.

It is miserable that some people don’t know the meaning of knowledge. That’s why they get half incomplete knowledge and destroy themselves and others also. Acquiring knowledge means when you get information about something, you use it wisely , You also know its advantages and disadvantages. You become mature and not that stupid crazy person who misuses good things but doesn’t think about its consequences. Be more humble , polite , wise and implement good things in your life and you will find true knowledge from everyone and everwhere.

Published by THERSHARMA

She is 22 years old and write about her experiences . she writes quotes, short stories and painting is her favorite thing . . She believes that writing is like a weapon , it connects us and make us feel like no we are not alone . like other great people we can rise and shine. it connects us.

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