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What Is Depression ?

Constant Sadness Or Lack Of Interest In life.  A darkness where Is No Light. A darkness  where people lost The  Power Of Recognising Their  Inner Soul , Value , Intellectual , Respect , Joy.             .  Depression closes all the windows and doors of your achievements that can bring light into your life.        

Why depression is mercilessly trapping us?

There Are Many Reasons For This : 1) I whatever we do we want validation from others. Such as do people like the dress I am wearing? Why these boys are not giving me attention am I not not prettier than her? I don’t want to go on stage because my friends make fun of me. because nowadays people believe if someone do not appreciateĀ  or help them they are nothing. Remember good things are God’s approval and they do not need validations from others.

2) . Some people grow up but want to spend time with their past memories. Whether they are in their 40’s or 60’s, they do not want to be heel from their past And there are many people who do not even know what healing is and why it is important to be healed. What happened to them many years ago is giving them pain even today and because of that they are not able to be happy even if they want. Our education system is such where we are not given any knowledge about mental health while this is very important.The importance of good mental health is not written anywhere in our syllabus.

3) Somebody is in their lows , nobody cares about it , People nowadays feel that nobody is more unhappy than them. People themselves do not want to help anyone. If you don’t show mercy to anyone or help anyone, no one wants to help you either.

4 ) We Are Surrounded By Wrong People . We do not value ourselves, so there are many such people who are living with those people who are only giving them sorrow and pain. Some people are shattering our mental peace , torturing us , insulting us but we are with them Wheather they are our family members or relatives/friends because we can’t live without them. If We have been living in a place where our soul is not happy then nothing can give us pleasure.

How Can We Cope From Depression ?

1) Self-Questioning Ask yourself what do you deserve? Am i happy with this place or these people ? Can I happily grow with these people? Will these guys support me in my happiness and sorrow? Is my soul, heart ,mind feel happy with these people?

2) Change Your Environment Or Habits:. Live/be where you feel peace. If you can not change the environment then change the setting there. We Can’t Change Circumstances But We Can Change Our Habits

3) Shrink Your Circle and Stay Away From Energy Vampires. Stay away from friends , collogues , family members and relatives who are not your wellwisher. Stay away from people with whom you are becoming irritated or losing your charm and good behavior we don’t need them .

4) Follow Your Heart. If you think there is someone you feel good being with, spend time with them because heart and energy never lie. Whatever work you do that satisfies your soul, do that work. spend time with yourself.

5) Heal From Your Past Traumas . Healing is significant in our life heal your wounds by accepting the circumstances and surrendering to god. When we are sick, we take medicine, in the same way whatever our old wounds are, we have to be healed.

6) Surrender To GOD . GOD is the only true friend . Only he is able to help us. No storm and enemy is greater than GOD.


Can we get out of depression by changing our attitude?

YES. It is 100% true.

Published by THERSHARMA

She is 22 years old and write about her experiences . she writes quotes, short stories and painting is her favorite thing . . She believes that writing is like a weapon , it connects us and make us feel like no we are not alone . like other great people we can rise and shine. it connects us.

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