God’s love

God love us or not this confuse me so much .

My question was if God love us why we need to seek him and why he put us in trouble?

From today’s incident I found my answer. Today I had so much pain in my heart. When I felt that this pain is increasing and increasing that time I thought maybe I am going to die and I I said to God I really don’t know God you love me or not you will say me or not it’s your choice because I’m done with my life. I don’t care about i live or not.

My pain was increasing and I thought if god loves me then he should end this pain.

Second thought came in my mind many times he saved me . I said God show me your love. But my pain was increasing and increasing. You know why because I was not seeking him not calling him wholeheartedly I was testing him. There was no need to test him. But I did it and my pain was increasing and increasing.

Later I thought that I want to live and I call him with my whole heart that save me please save me. Now my heart pain was decreasing decreasing

Today I found a relevant answer. I think if we will focus on them then we can find that what is faith?

1 God has never said that on Earth you will not face any problem or sorrow. But he promised us that in storm and every trouble he will be with us.

2 if we are facing storm GOD come very close us that time we should call god ,we should seek him ,we should pray because that time when we call and GOD help us and that time our relationship get stronger and stronger. Whenever clouds of suspicion and false belief hover over and when we remember that god has helped us many time he saved us many time and he will save us this time our faith gets stronger . That is why God always say that whenever you are in trouble when you are facing any storm I am very close to you but you have to call me you have to pray .

3 but sometime we don’t know what is problem behind us what can happen with us. That I am god save us it shows his love because he knew that a big storm is coming the word you behind you but you don’t know about your storm but he knows about it and he save you even you don’t know about it. It is called his love because he care about you. It shows his care love unconditional love.

Whenever your faith waver call him trust him. And remember how many time need helped you because in sorrow we feel that God is not with our God is not understanding us and sometimes with think God exists or not. It happens many time with me I was just finding answer of this question but today from my pain I I found answer.

When you are facing a storm speak his prey say that you need him he will help you.

It make our connection of a relationship stronger and stronger.

But when we don’t know what is problem what is behind are what kind of storm cyclon tsunami behind us he help us hi Seva because he knew that you don’t know about the storm but he knows. It is his unconditional love.

Past love trauma

Sometimes We are not able to heal from our past love trauma Everyone feels that they have emerged from the love trauma, but something else is reality. It’s problem begins when we enter a new relationship or we start loving someone.

Kind of think that every moment, we are afraid that we will never be deceived again.Love Trauma shakes us completely. Always feel the same Pain.

most of people get hurt so much that they do not want to fall in love again. Some commits suicide.

Love is not a game . It’s beautiful thing in this world . If you can’t love someone don’t brake hearts.

Everytime when I think about love. I get nervous. It happens because we e someone blindly and we don’t care and love ourselves .

I love someone when I was 16 years old. He cheated me many times and choose many girls over me but god always support and stranthen you.

He betrayed me and karma gave him everything back what he deserve. When I was in love with him I never thought that one day would come when I would forget him. That time it was very scary and impossible. In two weeks I fell in love with him and he broke up with me. I desidEd to wait for him. But it was my mistake. But later when I started to love myself I found that I don’t deserve him. I am gentle and I deserve gentleman.

Now I don’t want to even talk about him but I found that love trauma is inside me.It is killing me. I don’t know what should I do. I don’t watch movies and I don’t listen sad song I don’t like to talk boys. I can’t watch even love stories you know why? Because I feel that sale pain, I feel that same grudge. I Can’t tolerate this pain. I am scared . Is there in this world who can get me out of this love trauma or who can love me unconditionally.

Sometimes I think I will never marry. I am sick of this shit . Help me and tell me what should I do ?

Help me and tell me please.

The Great Woman.

This is a true story.. this story is about a woman who is a great example for all the women.

She was a very intelligent ,kind, humble, smart, religious, confident and brave since childhood. She believed that if humans walk on the path of goodness god will always help them. She used to worship daily but despite walking on the path of goodness she never got the pleasure she deserved her married life was also not good she never wanted to get married but when she got married she came to know that she was married to a demon.

This story will definitely inspire you ok now I am going to write about her childhood.

She was very humble intelligent hard working brave and beautiful. Her father was a teacher and mother was housewife. Education at the time did not matter much to girls but her father educated her. She was very interested in study uncle used to tell her that she would one day become like Indira Gandhi. He used to bring her new cloth earring bracelet. She was very hardworking she always participates in competition, she used to give very good speech and everyone used to get very surprised.

She was very fearless. She used to go to the forest to feed animals she also used to study there but after 8th grade she could not continue her studies for any reason. She was very popular everybody praises her and she was a sincere girl. After few years , Shri give private examination in this way . She completed her study and later she became a teacher .

Her Merriage was a journey of sorrow

She never wanted to get married but had to get married . That marriage was against her will. Actually she had a friend, one day both of them went to Rome from where and her friend saw a boy she smiled and he started to follow them. He was following them. She said to him don’t follow us you are like our brother go from here don’t follow us. But that boy was a child of devil he followed her for a long time. one day he showed her in life and said that if you don’t marry me I will kill you right now. So she had to marry him. Everyone was surprised how the girl who never wanted to get married got married but everyone respected her. everyone knew that she is a good woman but she never told that she was married against her will. But the sad thing was that her husband was not good person. He had ruined many girl’s lives.

She was very sad when she came to know that her husband has affair with many women. She knew that her husband is cheating on her but what she could do?

People will not accept her if she leave him. She suffered from many sorrows. There was never a day when her husband would not quarrel with her. When she gave birth to two twins, she felt that everything would be right. Her husband was also happy because he wanted a son. They had one daughter and one son. Both of them were happy. She she was a teacher so she had to go school daily. They had a maid but she didn’t take care of her son and daughter.

Few months later her daughter died and a few months later her son also died. Both of them were very sad. She was in pain she used to cry a lot but there was no one to Wipe her tears. She was like a helpless .

Her condition was a miserable . I can’t describe that measurable condition because only a mother can understand this pain.

Three years later she gave birth to a beautiful daughter then everything started recovering for sometime. Her husband decided to live like a real man but you know a bad man cannot be a real man he can never change. Her husband was very wicked, yet he did not improve she had her daughter. She was happy e no she was not set. After sometime she gave birth to a son but he too did not live. Happyness come for some time in her life then again come mountain of sorrows. Her husband had affairs with so many women.

On this earth there is no woman who can tolerate this kind of shit but I don’t know why she tolerated this nonsense. No woman can see her husband with another woman. But she tolerated everything.

Because she was from a small village and she had her little daughter she can’t leave him if she will leave him then and her family members will not accept her. Three years later she gave birth to a beautiful girl and then 2 son . Girl was very beautiful .

But han to sun did not live. It was a big sorrow for her. But she decided to be happy. Happiness come for some time in her life then again come great sorrow. She still had unwavering faith in God. She took care of her two girls and she taught her daughter Mercy religion and many good things. Her husband quarreled with her but she still didn’t say anything. She worked for away so she had to stay away from her daughters. She prayed for god to protect her daughters forever. Her husband wanted a son. Even when his son was born he remained the same. She was very sad. Her husband torchered her a lot yet she tried to fix the relationship.

Now her life took a new turn.

A woman ruined her life name two Priya. Priya was her husband’s new girlfriend. Her husband livein front of her with Priya in her own house . His husband was a real devil. He did not even care about his children. How can a man be like this?.

Step mother can never love her children. Priya was a bad women Priya did not let her daughter to eat food. Priya wanted all three to leave the house and the same happened. A woman can never share her husband with another woman. Her husband used to beat her. Her husband take harmony and give nothing in return to her. She loved him purely deeply but as a reward she God hateful relationship. She break down too much she used to cry a lot but nobody was there to wipe her tears. She had no one with whom she can share her pain and sorrows. She had her two daughters. But she can’t tell them everything.

She was very secretive about her personal life. Her husband crossed all limits. it came when her husband threatened to kill her and she decided that day that she could no longer live with that bad man and She left her husband’s house.

She felt that everything would be fine.

But she didn’t know it is 2nd starting of her sorrows.

She left her husband’s house but she had no roof . She and her both daughters had no shelter . She was a great woman she was very brave god was with her. On the other side her husband wanted to kill them. she used to go to a relative’s and sometime to another relative’s house .she was afraid. Her daughter asked her every time where will be go tonight mumma?

Her condition was very migratable she can’t even cry in front of her daughters. And she say lets see. I am your momma don’t worry. You both will be fine. God is with us. Nothing wrong can happen. Don’t worry I am with you.

God what was that is that was Your grase? We are human we can’t understand your plans. That was disgusting.

This is a true story about a woman I know her very well she is a great lady. I will update this story later that please I like this story and I know in this world there are so many women who are facing this kind of shits. I request to you you please don’t give up. You all are fighters and brave daughters of of God .

After sometime she started living in her maternal home. Her elder daughter was very intelligent. Both her daughters were very wise. She take good care of her daughters and teaches them new things. They were happy. She thought now this is a good and beautiful journey by God’s grace they are in a good place and they will start their new beautiful life. But it didn’t happen. She did not know that they were going to get worse.

Now her life took a big turn.

They have to leave that house because that was obvious , that was not her house now. That was her brother’s house. He started to saying them that when are you going from here because now my family wants to stay here . my children will not be comfortable with your children , my wife will not comfortable with you .so now you have to go from here. That time she was completely shocked because there was a time when he was in trouble, that time she gave him comfort as a sister. She helped him. When he was reappearing his house she helped him so much. She used to work all day she used to cook food for labour. That time his wife was not there. His wife and his children were in another place. But she worked so much for his house and helped him so much financiall.

And one thing that was giving her pain that was, his ords. Once e said that he will give 1 room one kitchen so they can stay there as much as they want to stay. So he said that if you want this thing then give me some money. she said that you are my brother and you are helping me so much. If you want to give me two rooms in your house then I am ready to give you one and half lakh. With the passes of time people forget everything, they forget every good thing and every single person who was with them in the storm , he doesn’t need her. He spend your money for other thing but he did not give her any place or room to where she can live with her children. It was tough time for her. He was her younger brother. After sometime she gave him 50000 because she said that for a while my children are living here with you as you know that there is no washroom and old washroom is not a safe place for children.

I heard this morning that there were a snake, I am so much worried about my children I don’t want to loss them .I am giving you this money because you should make a washroom here. So he said okay give me and I will prepare a washroom for you. And it is great you are giving me money to prepare my washroom OK I will prepare. But that stupid man was not man of his words. In his mind and his wife’s mind it was clear that they will try to make some troubling situation so by this her sister can no longer live there. Two years passed he didn’t give har separate room and washroom.

He was Clark in her elder daughter’s School. Her elder daughter was very intelligent she was very popular in her school. She was topper but now he started to criticize her daughter. He used to set with her daughter’s teacher and he started to say anything wrong about her daughter. I really don’t know how many things and what kind of thing he said about 15 year old girl And the result was worst .

teacher started to dislike her and those stupid teacher started to humiliate her. In exam she always got highest marks in her class but now things was changed teacher started to give her less marks weather she wrote right answers . So so this started very mean things . There was one lady teacher before it she used to appreciate her and she used to say other students other seniors that they have to be like her junior RO. (RO is her shor yname). Now in every competition Ro try to take participate but that women always cut her name write another student’s name. That was very shocking for her. So ro complaint about it to her mother. This is again a big story but I want to short it.

After 2 years later RO started to leave that school and she talked about it to her favourite teacher. He said that I can understand what was happening with your daughter but I can’t do anything. In it there is o your some relatives . They are very close to you I can’t take their names . Her daughter was used to be a topper of her class But these two years for her dark years. She doesn’t know why her daughter is getting low marks she knew that her daughter is intelligent and her daughter is giving her hundred percent she is working hard to be a topper of class but it is not happening why. Her daughter went into depression and stress so she said that (RO) I want to leave the school . RO convinced her mum. Now she leaved her maternal house with her .

two daughters. She went to another place and time she thought that now everything will be alright but it was starting of her darkest years. Her elder daughter was in stress and depression. It was very difficult for RO to come out of this situation.

Now RO don’t go school daily in new school she was intelligent always get good marks but due to depression and stress she was not that much intelligent like before.

Her mother was taking anxiety for her daughter she was not know that what is going on.

One year passed she decided that she will buy a land and she will make her own house but that was her biggest mistake. Landlord was a a demon. She is about 4225 square feet land from him in 18 lakhs. Their first deal was that she will give him money in installment she gave him first 13 lakhs and she said that she will give him rest of money after 5 months. He waited one month he knew that she had lots of money. He tried to trap her. He calls her sister . He Sad sister I want money e right now because I have an urgent work. She said yes brother I will give you but I will give you 4 months later and that was our first deal . Because bank manager is saying that I can’t withdraw more money from my bank account. I already withdraw 13 maths from my bank account now I have to wait for 5 months. But he said no sister I want money I want money I want money you can’t say no because I want money. It was a big conspiracy. She said OK so so let’s do last procedure. I will give you money if you will sign this paper. That paper was about that land’ s ragistration. She said I give you 13 lakh now your land is mine I will give you 500000 with in one or two month. She can’t withdraw from her Bank so so she asked her relatives for money .

As you know that many people in this world are selfish greedy selfish. When she started to give them their money back they said no this is not our money this is money interest . She was in shock. Every single person demanded lot of money from her. and by this she got drowned.

Her bank balance became zero. . Now her faith on God was shaking but God was in her side. It was the time when she knew that your relatives are not your relatives. In this world kinship is just a trap. In this world a thief lie in people’s heart.

She took a loan from Bank. but she could not pay Debt of all people. She was deeply getting in trouble because there was one woman she was her best friend. She thought that this woman will help me. But that women was a real witch. That woman was robbing her . She did not knew that . That wich was mastermind of of that conspiracy. Two years later theire condition became miserable.

There is so much in this story but again I have to short it.

She could not pay Dept of all people so people started to abuse her. She was facing her Storm alone. Her daughter was in depression and and stress she did not tell her that what is going on with her. Her younger daughter was suffering from hypersomnia. Her younger daughter was also not aware of this. People who were always pretend to be her side now they started to mistreat her.

This is a big reality people do this but bad bad people do this kind of shit things . When She was in trouble har relative was pretending like that they don’t know who is she. She was a teacher a great teacher but people forget every single thing. People respect rich people because they know rich people can help them they have money and so on. Everyone who is reading the story I want to say that it is good that if you have good relatives but it is very important you know that in in storm relatives can left you. Be independent.

She was a JBT teacher but one year later she became Head teacher. So she had to leave her old school in near area there was no post for Head teacher so she had to go very far for her job. It was a kind of promotion. It was a good opportunity for her and it was a good news for she was happy but the school where she had to go as a head teacher that was among the mountains. That was like a horrible thing .

Her school was middle of Hills. The path was very difficult to walk that was dangerous path. If someone accidentally slip he will die. In middle of hills there was a huge gap. (the chasm) That’s why that was a dangerous and narrow path.

There was no any teacher who wants to go that school. Every teacher refused to go that school.

She was a brave woman she had to go school daily.

She had never make any excuses. She did her job very honestly many time she used to cry and many time she used to say God what is your plan why are you doing this why I am your daughter I always walk on the path of goodness . what is it ?is it a reward of my goodness? is it your mercy? What is it ? Help me please help me I am alone here. This path is very narrow.

Once her eye got hurt she could not see clearly with her one eye. But she knew that she had to go school daily and she did not give up. that was the high altitude area. She was also facing breathing problems.

When there was a lot of snow in winter she used to go school daily her both daughters were very worried about her. In the summer, sometimes snake used ley in her path but she would wait for them to leave’ people on that area was surprised how is single women can be do so great.

She had to go school in the morning and come back in the evening . She had to travel 7 km on foot that was not a road that was a narrow path in the middle of hills. When she cry alone, there was nobody to wipe her tears. To whom she could Express her grief? That was tough time for her. But she had still faith on God.

There was no one with her even her brother. There was a time when she helped to them so much but when time came to to be with her they were like invisible. Everybody knew that what is going on with her but there was nobody who can give her sympathy, there was no one who can give her comfort, there was no one for her. She did good but she got bad. When her younger brother brother was facing problems that time she helped him. She gave him money time money support. But as a reward he mistreated her and her daughters. her brother children always mistreat her children. They used to say them bad was. And conspiracy was their favourite game which they used to play with them.

Everyone used to bother her. She is it was a great and she is still a great woman.

In this way , har memory started getting weak. Family happiness vanished completely. Dear faith on God Was shaking but you know in storm God always help you. you. I.

In Storm God come very close to you if you are right if you are wrong God and Angels can’t help you.

I know when we face so many problems that time we think that God is not with us because we think that if we are in trouble then its mean God doesn’t love us God is not with us. Reality was God always was with them because they were right they were on the path of righteousness. God doesn’t say that in you will not face Storm or problems but he says every time you are in trouble I will help you I will be always there for you. You can’t see me but I can see you you can’t hear me but I can hear your prayers I can see your tears.

I will update next part very soon. This is a real story.

My First Love Was Devil’s Trap.

When She saw him on Facebook She thought that he is a good boy. Slowly she  liked him  but in her mind it was Clear that She likes him but she can never love him because he is not her type. They  both used to talk to each other on the phone for a long time.sHe didn’t like it when he talked to her for the first time .Justin –Hii i am Justin. How are youRose — Hye I am rose . I am fine and you?Justin — I am doing great .Justin — So you told me that you don’t like your father why ? Rose — ाNothing like that i said  Justin — Say something .Rose—-I don’t know how to talk. Which is your favorite vegetable ?Justin —Arbi.

Rose—- what is your colour?Justin– blue Rose —- Do you have any girlfriend .Justin—- No , I like you Rose — okay . I think I should say bye . I will talk to you tomorrow .Justin—— How do you talk on phone . You don’t know anything Rose —— bye I will learn it.Justin——- Bye .In this way, they used to talk to each other on daily cellphones and chat on Facebook.One day She saw a message that was from his FB id.Message— Hii I am Shalli . I am Justin’s girlfriend and we love each other . Don’t think he loves you । I am his love . He keeps joking around with girls .You don’t take his words for granted .Rose read that message and she thought — oooo so Justin has a girlfriend but he didn’t tell me . Okay but I like him but I don’t love him. I don’t care about him. Rose replied —– oooo Shalli but he didn’t told me about you. How long have you been in a relationship Shalli—- 2 years.Rose —okay. I will not talk to him .Shalli—- you can talk to him as a friend. Rose—- okay .Next day she She calls justin .Rose —- Why didn’t you tell me  about girlfriend .Justine – yes I have but I dont love her I love you.  I don’t  want her . I want to get rid of her. Tell me what should I do . Rose —- okay . Okay . Then leave her.Justin —i can’t . She is psychoRose —- say her that you love me not her. Justin—— I will do something . Rose— okay bye Justin — I love you Rose —– I love you too.Justin—— are you foregnerRose —- no .Justin —- you sounds different.Justin —– Do you really love me ?Rose—-I like you but I don’t love you .And leave Shalli. Now I am your girlfriendJustin ——-  I will leave her if you will love me . I will give you my true love.  Rose —- okay bye .
Rose  was saying — God I want me to fall in love with him. He is a good guy .  I will love him but I don’t want to marry . He will love me  if I will love him. 
With the passage of time, Rose fell in love with him. It seemed that God listened to her prayer .Now they talk to each other daily. Rose was happy . One day she got  a friend request of a girl named Weina on Facebook .She accepted that after some time She notes that Vanna’s post has some lines related to Justin. Rose — Is it related to Justin?Weina— who is Justin?Rose —-  I Know it is about Justin .Do you have a boyfriend?Weina—– yes . Weina— sent  his photo.Rose saw that and she was shocked Rose was crying she said Justin you cheated me again.Weina—- do you know him?Rose ,—- he is my boyfriendWeina—– oooo really ?Ask him who is a.Rose —- he cheated me again . Now what should I do? I am crying . He is my true love.
Weinaa–+- drink water and sorry .My boyfriend was just joking. Rose was crying whole night . She was sad. She didn’t eat anything. She stayed up all night.  next   day rose and Justin (on phone call)
Rose—- who is weina—?Justin—- My girlfriendRose—- then who am I ?Justin—— my wife.Rose —- shatup . Tell me why did you cheat me?Justin—She is my girlfriend. You were not my girlfriend at that time.Rose—- I love you  why are you cheating me again and again ?Justin—— I love you sweetheart . I will leave her . I promise you. Rose —- I Know you can leave me but you can’t leave her 😭😭😭😭😭Justin —- okay bye . My father is calling me .Rose —- talk to me.Justin—— No.
Rose was upset and she was crying. She didn’t  eat anything . Rose and Justin used to talk on the phone daily.Rose knew that Justin was in love with Vanna. She asks Justin daily when you will love me Justin ? I love you . Rose never told Justin to stop talking to Vienna Because she knew Justin would get mad at her and he will leave rose.Rose would pray that please make him mine. Justin and Rose had a daily fight. Justin was bad guy.   he also had physical relations with many  Girls. All this told Rose to a friend of Justin but Rose was deeply in love with him . She said that was Justin’s past now Justin is not that kind of boy. Now he is a good boy.  Days passed like this. Once Rose was in class and she remembered that Justin’s girlfriend was also Weina .She felt very weird .
Rose and Weina on phone call  

Rose —– hye

.Weina—  hye rose. I just wanna say you that Justin is  mine . I Know we both love him.  But Justin loves me . 

Rose —- yes I know . But i’m afraid of losing justin I love him deeply . I can’t live without him . I just want to talk to him daily. That’s it .After some time I will leave him.

.Veina— okay you both can talk to each other.

Rose —– can’t you leave him .

Vienna— no . He also can’t leave me .

Rose —- I Know
3 hours later Justin and rose on phone 

 Justin—— Vaina told me that you said something very wrong about me What do you think yourself . I don’t love you leave me . I don’t want you .

Rose — I said nothing about you .You know my weakness that I can’t leave you  that is why you are saying all these shit things to me .

Justin —- shat up .Leave me .Rose — I will leave you but talk to me. 

I can’t leave without you .Justin —- bye.

Rose was calling Justin again and again but his phone was busy.She calls Weina and she asks Rose —–  is Justin talking to her on the phone?V

— no । May be he is talking to his father .Rose — I know he is talking to you.

no .Rose —- I Know talk to me Justin.Weina—– Justin talk to her Justin—— what happened ? I  don’t want to  talk to you rose.  Leave me . And go from my life.   I don’t want you . I love Weina.  I love you Weina.Weina— I love you too Justin.Rose — remember Justin one day you said  to me that love me rose I will love you truly.  I will leave my all girlfriends . Justin —- hahhahahahaRose — I loved you .  But you didn’t. Justin —- I am sleeping bye . Weina —— leave him . Now Justin will never talk to you.   Justin if you will talk to her you will lose me . Justin —- okay I will not talk to her.Bye.

Rose was upset.  
I will update it later .

three days later Rose called him

Rose—Hii , how are you?

Justin—Hye । I am fine .

Rose—- I love you. Don’t leave me. I beg you please. Don’t leave me. I truly love you.

Justin—— I don’t love you. Leave me Rose.

Rose—- I can’t.

Justin—— shatup and leave me. Bye.

Rose—- I will try to forget you . But You keep talking to me on the phone until I forget you.

Justin—— okay.

Days passed, Rose used to love that Justin too fell in love with her but it didn’t happen.

Rose — Did not even go to her school. When she went to school, she remembered justin. Justin was in her heart and mind.

Rose used to feel that God does not love her. SHe felt that the whole universe was against her.

She cries day and night. There was no one to understand her feelings.

She was alone. Her mother was not aware of this. Rose’s condition was miserable. There was heavy waight on her heart. Her true , deep and one sided love was killing her inside. It was affecting her health.

Every time Rose used to call Justin, he used to abuse her.

He was happy with his Girlfriend Vienna. Rose was dieing.

Rose used to lay on bed all day . She was suffering from one sided love. Rose was good girl but she fell in love with a wrong person. She used to worship but it seems worthless. Her faith was shaking and wavering. It was cost of one sided true love.

Finally three months later Rose desidEd that she will always love him but she will not talk to Justin.

In her heart there was a hope that one day God will give her true love Justin .

Rose saw on Facebook that Justin would post photos with his girlfriend Rose was very sad to see all this. Whenever she used Facebook, her hands would tremble and her heartbeat would get faster. That was horrible. Rose stopped using Facebook.

She removed her all Facebook friends but only one left Justin.

She blocked Vienna.

Rose felt that God had done injustice to him. But god is fair. Rose was God’s beloved.

Justin had a breakup of 4 months from Vienna. Rosie did not know that.SHe thought Vienna and Justin were happy with each other but Justin had a breakup.He was sad and alone.

Later Rosie knew all this. Rose was very unhappy so she insisted that she would not talk to Justin right now.

Justin was devil’s child so He did not get too dark.

Justin had new girlfriend now. Rose saw it on Facebook but for Rose there was a still hope. She thought God will make him her husband. She used to pray daily about her ..

This is a very painfull story I will update it later.

Breakfast at my House

During the week we’re often walking out the door with a coffee in one hand and slice of toast in the other, but on weekends breakfast is never rushed. It’s a late affair, sometimes spilling over to lunch, with lots of reading and chatter in between courses of fruits, poached eggs, honey and toast. One of our favorite things we like to serve when friends are visiting are buckwheat blueberry pancakes.

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