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What To Do If People Betray Us Again And Again

In our  life we sometime choose to stay with wrong people and later they put us  in trouble ,they hurt us , try to ruin us  and they abandon us. I found that nobody has power to mistreat me and you , if anybody has mistreated us ,  it was because of our behavior . WeContinue reading “What To Do If People Betray Us Again And Again”


You are in pain depression because you are surviving you are not living. You are just adjusting yourself according to your situations because your uncontrolledmind and uncontrolled emotions are saying that you will find happiness here and there. There is a huge lack of self discipline and self love. Always remember selflove always comes fromContinue reading “YOU ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE”

Dont lose hope in grief.

Grief comes in everyone’s life, but still people live, they do not lose hope and courage to live. Do you know why¬† because¬† they know There is a light beyond the darkness, Happiness is beyond suffering . When someone is surrounded by the ocean of sorrows, He feels that darkness has been covered in hisContinue reading “Dont lose hope in grief.”